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PalaCon is a specialist consultancy for management, accounting, SAP and investment, based in Germany.
We work with businesses worldwide to streamline their administrative and logistical processes, assisting in the optimisation of performance and gain.

Swiss Re Tower, London

In today's world of increasing competition, with new technologies emerging constantly, businesses permanently evolve to retain and enhance their market position.

Paladin Consultants assist in this by ensuring that regular administrative tasks such as accounting, controlling, and investment management are planned and executed expertly, enabling senior company officers to focus on the development of new products and strategies.

Looking at a business from a chief executive's perspective we offer solutions and assist in the implementation of revised process structures. Each department is analysed separately and the results are incorporated into an integrated solution to achieve maximum impact on overall performance.

PalaCon works with the private sector as well as with NGOs and non-profit organisations.

Making use of the latest technologies we offer our clients a broad spectrum of tools to improve and maintain their organisational structures.

Paladin Consultants offer online services for post-project assistance and for the encrypted exchange of data vital to outsourced accounting and controlling functions.
We provide remote customising and maintenance for SAP systems as well as online training courses for SAP application operators.

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Under Construction.


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